The Now

Crosstowne is not the only church, but one of many amazing churches in our area where people can come and find belonging, seek refuge, take on challenges, and experience the love of Jesus. We aren't without "crap" or "tradition." We are people in progress. People on a faith journey, aligning themselves with Christ, and His Word to make a difference for God's glory. 

We are thankful for the years of learning and growing, and look forward to many more. We are grateful for those who have stood by us through it all and have taken the journey to grow with us. We realize now that God brought us through years of sticky popcorn, sparse crowds, Chinese food, and basketball hoops so we could become a church that no longer seeks catchy slogans, but one that desires to live out the mission of Christ.

Our Mission: "To enable people to become Learners, Lovers, and Leaders in their relationship with Jesus Christ and in the world around them."